Q. My app is available on Google Play or iTunes, anyone can install/buy it there, what exactly do you mean by buying my app here?

A. SellTheApps lets you monetise your app in a different way: it connects you with the buyers who want to take ownership of your app in exchange for a payment.  You would transfer the app to the buyer, send the source code, they become the new owner of your app and you receive your payment. Very often it makes a good business sense to get a lump sum for your app right now than wait for slow monetisation in the future.


Q. How much my app worth?

A. Use this calculator.


Q. How does it work?

A. You list your app for sale, the buyer contacts you with the offers, you negotiate the price and conditions with the buyer. When you are happy with the deal  – you transfer the app to the buyer, send the source code and receive your payment.


Q. How do I get paid?

A. Tell the buyer how you want to get paid. For small transactions you can use Paypal, for larger transactions use bank transfers, for extra protection use escrow and/or three-stage payment (read next question).


Q. How can I make sure I receive my payment?

A. Tell the buyer you want to do the transaction in three stages and receive 1/3 of the amount for each:

For extra protection do the transaction on escrow and pick escrow service of your choice. Some developers like Elance escrow. Request to get paid in three stages on escrow to make sure you get paid.


Q. Can I sell or licence a source code only and keep my app?

A. Yes you can, though the sale amount for source code only would be less than for the whole app. Still, some buyers are looking for source codes and don’t need the whole app. To avoid confusions, make sure you clearly say in the Description on your SellTheApps listing that you are only selling the source code.


Q. Is there a sale agreement?

A. Smaller apps are often sold with no or simple verbal agreements, while on larger transactions the parties usually want some legal agreement in place.  In either case you negotiate it with the buyer and tell them how you want to do it.  Formal note: Selltheapps does not give legal advice; it is a job for licensed legal advisors.


Q. My question is not answered here.

A. Please contact us