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Sensible Wallet- Free Gift Cards

Android > App

Total Installations / Current Installations
40000 / 34000
Source Code Only Price USD:
$ 699.99

Get the true money maker Sensible Wallet Source Code License for the Front End, Backend Administrator Server, Latest APK, and Complete Documentation!

You won't find this Complete Package anywhere else. Sensible Wallet is Complete with 16 Ad Networks.

Test Out the ADMIN Panel:

User Name: admin
Password: 123456

Google Play Listing :

Get this money making machine today for only $799.

Congratulations you just stumbled on an Amazing 6 Figure Making App! The are only a few apps currently in circulation like this and none of them will be selling anytime soon at such a great deal!

We are selling our Reward Android App or Make Money App Source Code

Sensible Wallet or the often searched for "Free Gift Cards or Make Money" app! This app is similar to AppNana, Feature Points, AppKarma etc. the only difference is that it has way more Revenue Streams and Features!

As you can see by the monthly revenue streams this apps in the 2 short months it has been on Google Play has produced a nearly 7:1 income to expense ratio which you won't find any other app producing on the Android market! An app like this in a new market would easily cost over $100,000 to build! You can get it here starting at a fraction of that price! The More Users you acquire; the more money you make in this business!

In 2 short months we earned over $7,000 with $1,200 in prize/reward costs. This was with very little marketing. This is definitely a 6 figure income generating business and is still growing. Currently with a user base of 15,000 members we are generating around $7,000 monthly.

So Here is how you earn money, you will have the ability to set the credits to dollar conversion rates in your account in the integrated advertising networks admin panels:

For example, in NativeX we set 300 Credits = $1. So if a user completes an offer that earns us $1, the user will get 300 Credits. In our app, we set it so a $10 Gift card is worth 9,500 credits.

If a user were to earn 9,500 credits and 300 credits equal $1 for us. 9,500/300= around $31 in revenue and we send a $10 gift card so $21 in pure profit. Keep in mind many users will not even reach that goal.

For example a user may stop earning at 2,000 credits. You can do the math here to see your earnings potential using this app. The more users you acquire the more money you make and it requires very little maintenance as you are simply sending out PayPal Cash and Gift Cards from any reseller of digital gift cards. This is the only work that is required of this app!

Android Studio Project
•Registration/Login: ( Facebook, Google Plus)◦Email Can Be Used but it is recommended to use Facebook or Google Plus to ensure that your users are validated: A Registration Confirmation Email is sent to the user as well).

•Integrated with Google Analytics
•Many Earnings can be Managed using AppAnnie
•You Can Easily Rebrand this app, change colors, logo, etc.
•To get started all you will have to do is change create an account with the implemented ad serving agencies and enter the User ID's. The developer can assist with this if needed.
•Country Listing: Easily add countries to the Backend.
•Daily Check-In - Keeps users coming back to earn. You can set the amount that this is worth in the backend.

★ Unlimited Possibilities

This app is limited to your imagination as the source code for the Frontend and Backend are completely open source. You can easily add more networks, offer more/different prizes, target any specific country, run promotions, and much more!

★ Rewards

Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. Add any amount of Rewards You Desire from Walmart, iTunes, Google Play, and more! User Receives a Notification when offer is processed in the backend. You can simply email the user PayPal Cash or Gift Cards via the email that they provide from any reseller of digital gift cards!

★ Invite

Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. User shares their Invite ID and are rewarded but only once the user has reached 100 credits so you are sure to earn from every new user you acquire.

★ Connect

Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. Easily add your backend social/webpages or use them to advertise to attract new users.

★ FAQ, Terms of Service, Assistance

★ Full Admin panel with all the features you need:
•Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel. Easily add your text to assist the user.
•Rate Our App- This will take the user to Google Play to rate the app.
•Features of the Admin/Backend Panel
•Complete Log of Users and Amount of Credits Earned
•Add or Deduct Credits
•View User’s Invited Friends
•Add Country Listing
•Add/ Organize Gift Cards assigned to each Country
•Change Menu Text (FAQ, Terms of Service, Assistance)
•Manage How Many Credits users are rewarded for Daily Login, and Invited Friends
•Manage Social Networks listed within the app.
•See full listing of offers completed by users.
•Manage Pending Rewards/ List
•View Date on which offer was Redeemed/Amount, Email, User ID,
•Easily Mark Rewards as Complete or Decline Them
•Sensible Wallet is Integrated with 16 Ad Networks to for your users to enjoy. Simply setup accounts with the following ad networks. You Can also hide and re-arrange any of the Ad Networks.◦SuperSonic
◦AdGate Media
◦Unity Ads

Simply download and follow the Provided Documentation to upload the ADMIN panel backend source code and edit the front end source code within Android Studio.You can Change Earning ID's, Language, Color Scheme, Branding, and Upload to Google Play. Knowledge of Android Studio is Recommended for any Reskining Project.

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