Wosport-Your personal trainer

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Total Installations / Current Installations
3500 / 200
Full App Transfer Price USD:
$ 12000
Source Code Only Price USD:
$ 5000


4 stars.
Achievements on Health&Fitness: #2 Dominican Republic, #6 Spain, #8 Costa Rica, #13 Peru, #19 Argentina.

Average monthly downloads: 800.


Wosport uses a database users with +3000 users. If you fulfill the law and with the necessary permissions you can sell this database to interested companies (fitness) and you can earn more money.
Also Wosport has a database for content of app, with nearly 100000 data (images, texts, languages, etc…).
These databases are hosted on Strato’s servers (www.strato.com).


-Website: www.wosportapp.com
-Account Twitter (+3000 followers): http://twitter.com/Fitness_Wosport
-Account Facebook (+1500 fans): http://www.facebook.com/wosport
-Account Youtube with video of Wosport: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZmSnHKs_6I
-Email Wosport: info@wosportapp.com

Wosport is a native iOS app (iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9). It’s free with purchases in-app. Sale includes also all content (images HD, trainings, content for social networks, etc…).

I’m professional personal trainer, I designed these workouts, so you can rest assured that your users have useful training.

I recommend you visit the Apple Store for know description and everything Wosport offers: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wosport-your-personal-trainer/id862991011?l=es&ls=1&mt=8


It was fortunate that several Spanish-speaking websites talk about Wosport. This produced a better ranking for Wosport in Apple Store:
- http://www.ipadizate.es/2015/09/10/wosport-review/
- http://hipertextual.com/presentado-por/wosport/wosport-ios
- http://applesencia.com/2015/09/wosport-caracteristicas-precio-opiniones
- http://iphonea2.com/2015/09/10/esta-app-es-tu-entrenador-personal-en-el-iphone-y-sin-gastarte-una-millonada/

You can ask yourself, if Wosport has been successful, why revenues are scarce? The answer is simple: Possibly I haven't developed an adequate strategy or maybe I should change Wosport's aspects. I'm not an expert in marketing or management apps. I sincerely believe that the current price of in-app purchases of Wosport is high, if you lower the price of the app you will have more revenue because more users will buy.

Wosport only need dedication and time. If you promote advertising and online movement, Wosport can reach top positions in Apple Store for many countries.

Wosport has reached top positions in some countries, this means that users like. If you work in Wosport, you can make Wosport is back in top 20 of some countries.

If you do a proper marketing strategy I guarantee the success of Wosport. Wosport succeeded because I was managing the app, this is the reason why Wosport reached good positions. Then I had a lot of work as a personal trainer, to the present.


I’m Spanish and I’m a professional personal trainer on Madrid. I wanted to help people achieve their goals with this app, but it takes time to manage and promote and publicize and now I have a lot of work. I'm now improving my personal brand in Madrid and I haven't time for Wosport.
This is a shame because I have spent much time with wosport and hard work, but I need time for my clients of personal trainer in Madrid.

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